write from the heart

Write From Your Heart


You might have seen our previous post on how to know whether your next blog post is going to be a hit or not (you can check that out here).
Whilst its important to want to please your readers by talking about a topic you know applies to the majority of them, it’s not the be all and end all of writing a blog; afterall, the main drive for writing a blog should be for you.

In a general sense, fellow bloggers and readers tend to appreciate an honest blog post in the form of something personal to you. We’re not saying dive into your personal life and tell all to your online readers-no one needs to know everything!
If you have something that is important to you, maybe something you’ve been through or advice on a topic you know well, this is something that really does apply to everyone and is something that will help people.




If you run a fashion blog, beauty blog, book blog, food blog, (the list is endless) it’s always great to stay focused and blog about your niche topic. However, surprising your readers by giving them something to read that means a lot to you and something that has your personality in it, is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all and will lead to them revisiting your blog over and over again.

Is this something that you’ve done, or perhaps interested in giving it a ago? Share your blog links in the comments below or tweet us @adletco.