Why Blogger Outreach is the Best Form of Marketing

Why Blogger Outreach is the Best Form of Marketing

In the world of business, blogger outreach is still a fairly new concept and one that brands need to sit up and take notice of when it comes to marketing.

Personally, I can be a bit of an impulse buyer. I find it quite difficult to step into Debenhams and walk passed the makeup counters without having just a little snoop through the different shades of brightly coloured lipsticks and smokey toned eyeshadows.

But trying to save has meant curbing my spending and so makeup palettes I’d normally take straight to the counter, I’ve found myself questioning if I can really justify the price tag. When purchasing makeup about a year ago, I would just pick up what I liked the look of or what I needed. The amount of money I wasted on primer that ended up not doing the job I wanted – improving the wear of my makeup – is probably not much short of a flight to Malaga.

Now I find myself researching the products I’m going to buy online before committing to making purchases. With luxury goods in particular, 50% of customers are researching items before buying. Scrolling through review after review from links on Twitter, it was a beauty blogger who finally convinced me to part with my £20 on a MAC primer and it’s honestly the best £20 I spent. MAC gained myself as a customer after her review, how many other customers like myself have they gained from not just this review, but the blogger reviews on MAC in general?

Word of mouth is still consumers most trusted advertising platform so it’s not hard to see just how much of an influence blogger outreach can play in the consumer market. With a lot of people claiming to be “more worse off now” with the current economic state of cuts, the money someone might have spent on foundation and just shoved in a draw and replaced if it wasn’t good enough, is the difference between eating ok and eating well for a week. Money is becoming of more value to customers and more and more people are wanting to justify their purchases – with bloggers becoming the source of their justification.

Let’s face it, if you saw an advert in a magazine or on the telly for a new moisturiser you might think, “Oh that looks good, I might try that”, but if you spoke to someone who said “I’ve got this moisturiser and look at the difference its made to my skin”, you’re probably more likely to purchase it because you’ve seen the result and trust the person who’s recommended it.

A lot of brands are recognising this and using bloggers as not just a means of promoting their products, but also as a source of launching new items. Take Benefit for example, I knew all about their Roller Lash and decided I was going to purchase it before it had even hit the shops. When searching through beauty bloggers on google it’s hard to find a blogger who hasn’t reviewed at least one of their products. In an interview with founders Jean and June they said , “Benefit’s success began with word of mouth. Now the word of mouth just spreads faster and without borders.” It’s no accident that the ‘They’re Real’ mascara is the UK’s no.1 selling mascara for 2 years running.

It’s fair to say that blogger outreach is a very effective form of marketing that is quickly becoming part of a brands marketing strategy. Why spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on flyers or adverts in magazines which people are more likely to throw out and ignore, when you can send a sample to a blogger who has a following of people who are interested in their opinion or is likely to be sourced out when looking for a product review? Like I said, word of mouth is still the most trusted form of advertising…