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7 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Page

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Facebook is a social media marketing giant; it wouldn’t be far off the truth to say that the majority of bloggers who are present on social media channels are present on Facebook. Until recently, Facebook was a heavy hitter in a digital marketer’s toolbox. While Facebook is facing harsh criticism over a few of its latest decisions, it’s definitely not going away.

In fact, now might be the time to take advantage of all the tools Facebook presents in order to stay relevant. These seven strategies often get overlooked, but pay attention to them and you might find yourself ahead of the game.

1. Cover photo

Once people land on your Facebook, the first thing they will see is your cover photo. It goes without saying that you have to ensure a pleasurable experience – make sure your cover photo has the correct dimensions and high-resolution, is visually-pleasing and representative of your brand.

What a lot of people forget is that the cover image is clickable as any other image. When the pop-up photo window opens, you have the ability to add the description to cover photo. Use it to your advantage! Tell a little story in a few sentences and add a link to your website.

Try switching out cover photos relatively often with seasonal focus or specials. Include a link specific to that information. So, say you’re having a new important update or organizing a networking event, include a relevant link where people could go to find out more or sign-up for updates. This is a great way to ensure that your most important announcement doesn’t get lost under tons of new updates and is the first thing people will see when visiting your page.


2. Cross-promote on other networks

If growing your Facebook fan base is one of your priorities, don’t hesitate to promote your page on other platforms. Insert the link in your Twitter or Instagram bio and include it in your thank-you messages to your new followers and encourage them to connect with you on multiple platforms. Also, include Facebook link in your signature.

All of these don’t require much time or effort and can be switched out easily, yet this tactic can prove to be a powerful way to increase the visibility of your Facebook page.


3. Facebook groups

Unfortunately, Business Pages cannot join groups; however, individual pages can. You can use groups to your advantage by engaging with like-minded individuals. Ask questions to research potential new topics or answer questions to build influence. If someone asks a question you answered in a blog post, don’t hesitate to include a link. Depending on a group, occasional self-promotional posts might be okay as well. Once you’ve built initial reputation, it becomes much easier to stir people to your Business Page from group pages.

4. Facebook pixel

Facebook Pixel is a little snippet of code that tracks how people signed in to Facebook act on your site. You can see traffic from Facebook to the website, what pages they visit and whether they convert.

Besides the analytical part, you can also use Facebook Pixel for retargeting purposes. Through Power Editor, you can create ads that will target your website visitors. You can specify time frame of when they visited your website, so you won’t be targeting people who viewed your website a year ago. You can even create a “rolling” ad – an ad that will change the dates as time progresses. For example, if you want to display retargeting ads to people who have visited your website in the last 5 days, you can specify the time period and Facebook will adjust the dates to include people who only been to your website in the last 5 days.

Retargeting is a great way to increase retention, because it creates a sense of familiarity. You might be able to skew these people to sign up to your blog instead of someone else’s.

5. Call to action

The relatively new feature on Facebook is the little “Call-To-Action” button next to the “Like” button on Business Pages. Don’t overlook the importance of this button as it appears relatively prominently on a Page. You have the choice of a few calls to action and can change it as many times as you’d like. So, you can drive traffic to the website, encourage sign-ups or watch a video.

6. Landing pages

You have the ability to create custom landing page on your Facebook page. Take an advantage by creating a special promotions landing page, sign up page, “Contact Us” page, video introduction or just about anything else. This will make your page stand out from the crowd and show your care and put in effort to create enhanced user experience. It will also encourage whatever call-to-action you might choose.


7. Facebook apps

Similarly to custom landing pages, Facebook apps may help you a great deal in getting more subscribers, events attendees or appointments. Think of what you’d like your Facebook to do for your blog – is it to drive traffic to the website, get more sign-ups or inquiries? You may even stream live videos and encourage user-generated content; possibilities are many.

What tips and tricks do you have? Share in the comment section below.

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Lesya Liu is a blogger at The Social Media Current, a photographer and a social media expert. Her passion lies in art and marketing (and combining the two). You can find her on Twitter: @LesyaLiu