Buffer your way through Twitter

If you’ve read our previous post about Hootsuite, then you’ll like this one. Buffer is similar to Hootsuite but offers some different features-we’re going to looking at how it helps you manage your social media, and Twitter in particular.

Buffer allows you to merge all of your social media networks in one site allowing you to get your message out to your followers quickly and efficiently.

This service is free and is set out simply and clearly, allowing you to navigate your way through at ease. Sometimes websites which offer a multiple service like Hootsuite and Buffer can be relatively confusing and complex due to the amount of information that they have to include… which can be a lot to take in! However, Buffer ensures that they have set out their website, which contains lots of features, in a simple layout format which allows you to navigate through easily.

Using Buffer for Twitter.

A great selling point of Buffer, and one that we use it for regularly, is using it to send out your tweets. The Content section allows you to easily compose a tweet, schedule it and share it on your timeline with your followers!


When you compose your tweet you have the option, on the blue drop down box, to add it to the queue to be shared at your next scheduled time, to be shared next, shared immediately or to schedule, which brings up a date picker to select a day and time.


The Schedule tab is a nice feature whereby you can preset days and times to send tweets out. When you get to know the best times to tweet, you can set these up so you know your updates are going out at the optimum time.




The Analytics tool is a great way to see how well your tweets perform based on retweets, favourites and mentions as well as showing the potential reach of each tweet. The basic Posts analytics is available in the free version, but more details insights are available in the paid (or Awesome) plan.



The awesome thing about Buffer is that if you don’t have any news or updates to tweet but you still want to interact with your followers, Buffer has you covered! Simple hit the ‘Suggestions’ tab and a list will appear of interesting articles you can read and share… You never know, it could inspire your next blog post!




I hope you found this helpful. It’s just another secret way to keep blogging and scheduling as easy for you as possible!

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Thank you!