Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats For Boosting Traffic And Followers


Twitter chats are extremely helpful when it comes to blogging and other various topics. There is likely a Twitter chat on any topic you can think of; blogging, SEO, working with brands and advertising (we’ll come to that later!), fashion, beauty, health… The list goes on and on!

Taking part in these chats allow you to socialise with other bloggers, make friends, share tips and tricks and experiences and learn something from them. This is great because it helps you to grow as a blogger as you may read something that someone has done, which they wouldn’t do again, so really you’re learning someone else’s lesson without making the mistake yourself!

By getting stuck in and involved with these great chats, you’re also putting your blog┬áname out there. The more often you participate, the more people will remember you and will think “let me check out their blog to see what they write about”. This is a great way to boost your traffic and following!

Also, at the end of most chats, the host will allow the last few minutes for sharing your blog links to everyone else participating in the chat which is a fantastic opportunity, so do stay until the end.

If you don’t already participate in any chats, or would like to find out about new ones to join in with, we have set up a Twitter Chat calendar. The various topics are colour coded to help you easily find relevant chat topics. If you run of know of a chat that you think should be on the calendar, let us know by emailing

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