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Two Minute Tips: Quote It Before You Blog It


Here’s a little post on the subject of blogging about topics that will be relevant to your readers and how to test your blog post idea.
I’m sure everyone has written a post on a topic they think will go down a storm with their readers, only to find the traffic on that post is lower than any other post you’ve written before. It’s devastating, we know.

A handy way to find out whether your next blog post idea will go down well with readers (which will make them want to click that link!) is to tweet a quote.

For example, if you’re thinking of writing about the latest fashion trend you think everyone will want to know about, quote something from someone of high authority in relation to the fashion who has spoken out about this new trend.
If you can’t find a quote that fits, post a little sentence asking your readers what they think of this trend or a statement on this trend and see how many people reply, favourite and retweet it.
If no one at all interacts with your tweet, possibly it’s not the best route to go down for your next blog post.


Remember, you want to write about what you’re passionate about, not necessarily just what you think will pull in traffic but you have to keep in mind that not everyone is the same and what one person may find an interesting topic to read, another may not.

Don’t forget to keep checking back for more blog tips and tricks and ways you can boost traffic and please your readers. The next post will be on how to write a post that people will appreciate more than any other type of post.

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