A Guide to the Adlet Marketplace for Bloggers


If you are interesting in getting brands advertising on your blog, look no further. Adlet’s Marketplace is the best way to advertise your blog to brands and companies looking to work with bloggers and influencers.

How does it work?

All you have to do is create your free Adlet account and fill out your profile, linking your blog and social media sites to it as well as giving a bit of a background about you and what your blog is all about. We will then automatically add your profile to the Marketplace so it will be searchable by people and brands looking to purchase advertising space.

What advantages does the Marketplace have to offer me?

Essentially the Marketplace helps you to get brands (and other bloggers) to advertise on your blog. Interested advertisers can simply and easily scroll through our Marketplace and select which blog they want to advertise on. They can search by keyword or order by social followers to find bloggers relevant to their products.

Your profile contains a screenshot of your blog, links to your blog and social profiles and all of your available advertising options. Advertisers can either click through to your blog to find out more information or purchase an ad direct from your profile.

Make sure that when you’re filling out your profile, make it stand out and give yourself the credit you deserve! Take advantage of the keywords section to make sure you show up in the relevant searches and use the description section to really sell yourself and your blog and why you’re so great to work with.

Below is an example of what the Adlet Marketplace looks like, with a screenshot of each website, short description and social follower numbers.

Blog Advertising

Here are screenshots of a specific profile, to give an idea of what yours will look like when brands click on your profile.

Blog Advertising


The long description on the profile gives you the opportunity to tell your blog story; what your site is about, the topics you cover, your readership demographics and anything else you think potential advertisers should know.

Blog Advertising

Below the description is displayed your sponsorship options in your Ad Shop (you can also embed this onto your blog to allow people to purchase directly from your site).

Blog Advertising

The Ad Shop contains all the important information about your ad spaces. When you set up your ad and select size, quantity and price and put in a description of the ad, this is automatically filled in for you. Clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button allows the advertiser to set up and purchase their ad quickly and easily.

If you have any queries about Adlet and how we work, we’d be more than happy to answer any questions. Just send us an email ( or tweet @adletco