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Scheduling Tweets with Hootsuite

The Magic of Scheduling Tweets with Hootsuite

If you’re anything like me and you struggle to gain constant, round the clock access to social media sites like Twitter 24/7, let me talk to you about scheduling tweets with Hootsuite. You may of heard of this site before but it’s something that I know not everyone knows about and it’s such a crucial …

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Blogging Resources: SweetCaptcha Review

One problem with blogging is the amount of spam you can get through the comments section. You want people to be able to leave you comments, but want to keep the bots out. One solution is to use a Captcha. However, this can serve to┬áirritate your readers by providing them with impossible to work out …

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Free Social Media Icons

Good, free social media icons can be hard to find; especially ones that match your blog’s colour scheme and have all of the icons you need (I’ve seen so many nice sets that are missing ‘essential’ icons like Instagram). One set that I have come across and have used again and again is by Carrie …

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How To Put Together A Kick-Ass Visual Media Kit For Your Blog

A media kit is a great way to send information out to the media, potential advertisers, or brands you would like to work with. If you’re looking for information on how to put together a media kit for your advertising/sponsor page on your blog check out this post. This post covers how to put together …

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Two Minute Tips: CommentLuv

  CommentLuv is a great little WordPress plugin which automatically adds a reader’s link to their latest blog post at the end of their comment. Its a great way to encourage your readers to comment on your blog posts as they get a link back to their blog and it can help drive traffic to …

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