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10 things that happen in a hot office

10 Things That Happen In A Hot Office

So there’s a heatwave. It’s official. In case you hadn’t realised, today was the hottest day of the year. But then again, you only had to glance over Facebook and Twitter to guess that. The people who would normally be sat, ranting and raving about it raining and being freezing and, “It’s June and I’ve …

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adlet inspiration

Adlet’s Office Inspiration

Here’s a bit of an office-inspo post for you! If you’re moving offices like us or fancy a little office makeover, why not check out the board below we’ve created. This design is quite neutral, making your office not only the place you do work but somewhere you can find peace. What do you think? …

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Milifandom meme

When Normal Folk Do PR

Companies spend tens of thousands every year on PR teams, employed to keep brands and people alike out of trouble, and apologise for them when they do. PR teams are put in place to promote, make things look good and appeal to the public. But there are times when the best form of PR is …

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10 Things That Ruin Summer

With the sun starting to peak out from behind the clouds, the flowers slowly making their way into full bloom and newspaper articles writing about possible heat waves after just 3 days of warm weather, there’s no denying that summer is on its way. Personally, I live for the summer. I’m a secret beach bum …

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