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Blogging Resources: SweetCaptcha Review

One problem with blogging is the amount of spam you can get through the comments section. You want people to be able to leave you comments, but want to keep the bots out. One solution is to use a Captcha. However, this can serve to irritate your readers by providing them with impossible to work out …

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Using Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic

If you didn’t catch the first installment of this post, “Why use Pinterest if you’re a blogger?”, you can find it here.  Now we’ll be moving onto how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. 1. Make sure your images are interesting The images you’re pinning (which link to your blog post) need …

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Why use Pinterest if you’re a blogger?

  As a blogger, you likely already know the importance of using social media in conjunction with your blog as a means of promoting and getting the word out there about it. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are well known as being great tools for spreading the word and increasing traffic …

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8 Reasons Why Brands Should Work With Bloggers

  There is a growing realisation amongst brands and companies as to the merits of working with bloggers to promote their products, increase brand awareness and get in front of new customers and their target market. Research by BlogHer found that 81% of respondents to their 2012 survey said that they trust the information and …

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Two Minute Tips: Advertiser Banner

A great way to let potential sponsors know that they can advertise with you is to create a graphic which links to your advertising page on your blog or Adlet. An example is Thou Shalt Not Covet, who has created a simple text based graphic to draw attention to her advertising page. Create an image …

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Two Minute Tips: CommentLuv

  CommentLuv is a great little WordPress plugin which automatically adds a reader’s link to their latest blog post at the end of their comment. Its a great way to encourage your readers to comment on your blog posts as they get a link back to their blog and it can help drive traffic to …

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5 Steps to an Awesome Media Kit

  Today I have my Ji Ji Kiki hat on, to explain what a media kit is, why it’s so important to potential advertisers, how to put together a media kit and important things to include. A media kit is an essential tool to help convince potential sponsors and advertisers that they should be working …

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What to do next…

So, you’ve got your profile set up, ad shop installed and ad spaces waiting for the perfect someone to buy. Now it’s time to start selling! Adlet is not an ad network; we don’t put ads onto your blog, you are in complete control and so need to get those lovely advertisers to know they …

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