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Twitter Hashtags for bloggers

Popular Twitter Hashtags for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger you’ll know that social media promotion, especially on Twitter and Instagram, is key to running a successful, well engaged blog. In this post we’ll look at how using Instagram and Twitter hashtags can help increase your reach. All of these hashtags can be used on both Twitter and Instagram, so why not …

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Blog Disclosure: Guidelines and Examples

There is a lot of confusion around disclosure and blogging; when you should include a blog disclosure, where you need to display it and what you need to write. This post will hopefully help to make it clear what disclosure is and why it’s important. What is blog disclosure? If you are compensated in any …

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How to Add Pinterest Rich Pins to your Blog

How to Add Pinterest Rich Pins to your Blog

Rich Pins are a great way to enhance your pins on Pinterest and provide their browsers with more information about your pins. There are currently 6 types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place. Making your blog posts into article Rich Pins makes them show up better in search results and means that you’ll …

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Free Photo Editing Online With PicMonkey

It’s fair to say, Instagram has opened up a whole new era of photography. People who were once not bothered by taking photos have now become budding photographers taking pictures of everything from selfies to landscapes showing that you don’t need to attend photography courses to take a good picture, all you need is the camera …

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Using Twitter to your advantage with Followerwonk

  If like us you’ve been searching for an analytical tool, with a free option, that carries the features found in most premium services, then we may have just found something of interest to you… Followerwonk is a site that allows you to not only search out Twitter users through keywords in bios and by location, but …

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Buffer your way through Twitter

If you’ve read our previous post about Hootsuite, then you’ll like this one. Buffer is similar to Hootsuite but offers some different features-we’re going to looking at how it helps you manage your social media, and Twitter in particular. Buffer allows you to merge all of your social media networks in one site allowing you …

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blog post ideas

Competition Is Not Your Enemy

  With the realm of blogging constantly getting bigger and bigger every single day, you’re inevitably going to come across competition. A lot of people tend to give up when they see the competition they’re up against, thinking “My blog can never be as good as theirs!” but you’re probably selling yourself short. If you …

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Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats For Boosting Traffic And Followers

  Twitter chats are extremely helpful when it comes to blogging and other various topics. There is likely a Twitter chat on any topic you can think of; blogging, SEO, working with brands and advertising (we’ll come to that later!), fashion, beauty, health… The list goes on and on! Taking part in these chats allow …

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write from the heart

Write From Your Heart

  You might have seen our previous post on how to know whether your next blog post is going to be a hit or not (you can check that out here). Whilst its important to want to please your readers by talking about a topic you know applies to the majority of them, it’s not …

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test blog post idea

Two Minute Tips: Quote It Before You Blog It

  Here’s a little post on the subject of blogging about topics that will be relevant to your readers and how to test your blog post idea. I’m sure everyone has written a post on a topic they think will go down a storm with their readers, only to find the traffic on that post …

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