How to set up a Brand Promotion on Adlet

New feature: Brands Marketplace and Promotions

Looking for bloggers and social media influencers to collaborate with? We have a very exciting new feature on Adlet in the form of Promotions. 

Brands can now post a Promotion with what you have available for influencers and how you would like to work with them.

All Promotions are listed in the Brands Marketplace and bloggers and influencers that are excited about your product and want to promote your brand to their audiences can then pitch to you.

Below is a quick guide on how to set up your first Promotion

1. Set up your brand profile

promotions setup1

Create an Advertiser account with Adlet. Once logged in, select the Promotion Site Setup from the left hand navigation. Fill in your website’s URL, business name and select the category that your business best fits into.

Add a short description (this will be shown on the Brands Marketplace) and a full description which is displayed on your profile. This is your chance to tell people about your business, what you do and why you’re so damn awesome.

Add in any keywords that you feel are relevant and link in your social media profiles.

2. Create your first Promotion

promotions setup2

Once you have set up a Profile you can start adding Promotions. Click on Promotion Setup and then select Product Review.

promotions setup3

Add a title and Promotion Information. You can explain what the promotion is, the type of influencers you’re looking to work with, what they will receive to review and what information you would like them to include or share.

You can set a duration for how long you want the promotion to run for, the relevant category and, if required, how many applicants you’re looking for for this Promotion.

You can also upload an image of the product you’d like people to review. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words!

3. Your Promotion is now live in the Brands Marketplace!

promotions setup4

Interested influencers can view and apply for your promotion. We ask them to submit a pitch so you can pick the best suited and most enthusiastic!  You will receive an email when new Influencers apply and you can view all applications within your Adlet account and choose which ones you want to work with.

Sound like the perfect way to promote your brand or a new product? Log in to your account to set up a promotion or drop us an email if you have any questions.