Blogger of the Month: Robert, Overdressed & Underprepared


Each month we feature one of our bloggers who use Adlet as our Blogger of the Month.

Robert is the owner of the blog Overdressed & Underprepared, which features topics such as fashion, lifestyle, grooming and reviews.

blogger of the month overdress & underprepared

Why did you start blogging-what inspired you?

The inspiration came from my own want for more easily accessible/relatable fashion blogs for men, alongside the belief that I had something to give in terms of style (even though I question that on a daily basis). This was then majorly helped by my girlfriend, Beth (also a blogger), convincing me into starting one.

What topic/s do you enjoy covering the most?

Although I started O&U as mainly a fashion and style blog, my recent love is to write about life in general and experiences, e.g. festivals, food and tattoos. Writing about fashion and style is still great to do though.

What’s your favourite post you’ve ever created?

This is between two: The O&U Fashion Week Awards and The Annie’s Burger Shack Review.

I think I love them both because I didn’t hold back or censor myself – I wrote them exactly how I wanted to write them and found that I took pride in them afterwards. Combine that with the effort I put in with the HTML on The O&U Fashion Week Awards (to have drop-down categories) and the imagery in The Annie’s Burger Shack Review.

What gives you inspiration for your posts?

Experiences mainly; I struggled back when O&U was mainly fashion but now I’m writing about what I do alongside what I wear, it all seems interconnected and flows in my head. Everything is some form of inspiration when you allow it to be (clichéd but true).

If you could collaborate on a post, which blogger would you choose?

I’d love to go into YouTube soon and bring more men’s fashion into that aspect of blogging as it’s not really been explored yet. Because of that I’d have to say I’d like to collaborate with the likes of Steve Booker and Matthew Pike in some form of styling challenge. Our styles are all very different so I think it’d be interesting.


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