Adlet-the lowdown (aka advertising made awesome)

Adlet is an ad platform to help you sell website and blog advertising. We’re all about keeping the publisher in control of what ads are displayed on their site as well as ensuring advertisers can choose relevant places to advertise their products while making it as simple as possible for both parties.

We’re not an ad network, so don’t place ads onto your blog. It’s up to you to sell your ads, but we take care of all those pesky techie details and take the hassle out of selling.

Advertisers can buy direct from your blog, anytime of day or night at the press of a button. You then just need to press approve and the ad starts running straight away!

blog advertising made awesome

This is why we make advertising awesome-

  • You can offer different types of ads, from image ads to sponsored posts* and social media offerings, including sponsored Tweets
  • Enable you to sell directly from your blog
  • Bloggers have the ability to approve or reject ads
  • Display ads when approved and remove them when they expire
  • Ads run on our server so don’t affect the load time of your blog
  • Secure payments through Paypal
  • Lovely statistics for advertisers
  • Marketplace to promote you to potential advertisers
  • Low 10% fee for bloggers
  • No application process or long, tedious forms to fill in-we love you all!

*coming soon

Getting set up with Adlet is very quick and easy and takes less than 5 minutes to create an account and set up your first ad space. For more detailed information on setting up an account see our Getting Started Guide.

If you have questions about how Adlet works or whether it would be a good fit to help you sell your blog advertising, get in touch via email ( or Twitter.