Using Twitter to your advantage with Followerwonk


If like us you’ve been searching for an analytical tool, with a free option, that carries the features found in most premium services, then we may have just found something of interest to you…

Followerwonk is a site that allows you to not only search out Twitter users through keywords in bios and by location, but to analyse their followers from how active they are, gender proportion to hourly twitter activity.

It’s the best kept secret by businesses –  used to analyse Twitter activity, it is also used to source out potential clients to work with, new customers and sometimes even new talent!

How can Followerwonk work for you?

Improving Social Media Engagement

Let’s say, for example, you want to send out a tweet but want it to be sent out at a time where it will receive the most engagements. Using Followerwonk allows you to analyse your followers in terms of hourly activity, showing you a 24 hour log of when your followers are most active. It also links up with Buffer, allowing you to schedule tweets according to the top hours your followers are active.

Using Followerwonk Users Analysis

Finding the right Users

Let’s say you’re a brand that’s looking to work with beauty bloggers in a particular area, or perhaps a blogger looking to connect with other bloggers covering similar topics.Followerwonk allows you to search for followers through bios and location. For example, you could search the term ‘beauty blogger’ and set the location to New York. This will then display all the Twitter users in New York who have the words ‘beauty blogger’ in their bio.

Followerwonk will also show you how many users are following them compared to how many they are following, number of tweets sent as well as their social authority, allowing you to select the most appropriate user.

This is also a great tip for all you bloggers out there – brands use Followerwonk to source out bloggers to work with. Make sure your bio contains words that make you easy to find!

Using Followerwonk to find people

Comparing Users

Another nice analyst feature on Followerwonk is allowing you to compare users’ social graphs. The graphic below shows a comparison between Not on the Highstreet’s and Folksy’s Twitter accounts. A great tool in not also finding the right users, but for comparing your own social graphs with competitors!

The venngraphs show their follower numbers and overlap (in this case just over 10%) and further information in the tables and bar charts below give details on things including engagement rate, average followers, retweets and social authority. A great insight into how other brands use Twitter and how you stack up against them. You can compare up to 3 accounts at a time using the Compare Users tool.

Using Followerwonk to compare Twitter accounts

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