By Kristy

I've spent most of my life telling people my name isn't Kirsty.

10 things that happen in a hot office

10 Things That Happen In A Hot Office

So there’s a heatwave. It’s official. In case you hadn’t realised, today was the hottest day of the year. But then again, you only had to glance over Facebook and Twitter to guess that. The people who would normally be sat, ranting and raving about it raining and being freezing and, “It’s June and I’ve …

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Why Blogger Outreach is the Best Form of Marketing

Why Blogger Outreach is the Best Form of Marketing

In the world of business, blogger outreach is still a fairly new concept and one that brands need to sit up and take notice of when it comes to marketing. Personally, I can be a bit of an impulse buyer. I find it quite difficult to step into Debenhams and walk passed the makeup counters without …

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Milifandom meme

When Normal Folk Do PR

Companies spend tens of thousands every year on PR teams, employed to keep brands and people alike out of trouble, and apologise for them when they do. PR teams are put in place to promote, make things look good and appeal to the public. But there are times when the best form of PR is …

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How to Make Gifs & Memes

3 Sites to Make Gifs and Memes

When it comes to making a gif or a meme, a simple Google search brings up a wide variety of websites allowing you to quickly upload a video or a picture and add some text to easily make gifs and memes for free. With a lot of choice it can be hard to decide which site …

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10 Things That Ruin Summer

With the sun starting to peak out from behind the clouds, the flowers slowly making their way into full bloom and newspaper articles writing about possible heat waves after just 3 days of warm weather, there’s no denying that summer is on its way. Personally, I live for the summer. I’m a secret beach bum …

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Free Photo Editing Online With PicMonkey

It’s fair to say, Instagram has opened up a whole new era of photography. People who were once not bothered by taking photos have now become budding photographers taking pictures of everything from selfies to landscapes showing that you don’t need to attend photography courses to take a good picture, all you need is the camera …

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Using Twitter to your advantage with Followerwonk

  If like us you’ve been searching for an analytical tool, with a free option, that carries the features found in most premium services, then we may have just found something of interest to you… Followerwonk is a site that allows you to not only search out Twitter users through keywords in bios and by location, but …

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