How to get started: Adlet Blogger Installation Guide

This guide shows how to get Adlet setup on Blogger. If you’re using WordPress, you can find the setup guide for that here.

So we’ll assume you’ve already got your account set up and some ad spaces created. If you need some tips on how to do this, check out this guide or get in touch.

Once you have you account set up, the next thing to do is get your Ad Shop and ad spaces installed.

Firstly, we’ll install the Ad Shop and it goes a little something like this…

1. Install your Ad Shop.
If you haven’t already got a sponsor/advertiser page, now is the time to set one up. This is really important as it will let potential advertisers know they can work with you, as well as providing them with important information.

Now you need to grab your Ad Shop code. This can be found on the Install Codes section on your Adlet dashboard.


Copy it and head back to Blogger.

Click on the HTML tab on your page, paste the code in and click save. Don’t go to the visual preview as Blogger sometimes gets a little confused.

Adlet Blogger Installation

When you view the page on your blog you should see your Ad Shop installed, displaying all of your ad spaces like so-

blogger setup2

2. Add your ad spaces!
You’ll now want to get your ad spaces installed. Even if you haven’t sold any yet, you’ll want to get them set up and ready to go so that as soon as you hit the approve button the ad starts displaying on your blog.


Each of the ads has its own code and installing them is a piece of cake.

Grab you code you want from the Install Codes section of your account and then click the blue Get Install Code button. Copy the code that displays.

On Blogger head to the Layouts section in the left navigation and click add a gadget where you would like the ad to display.

blogger setup3

In the pop up box select HTML/Javascript and paste in the code and click save. You can all them all in one box or put each in a separate box-entirely up to you!

blogger setup4

blogger setup5

And that’s it, you’re all ready to get those lovely advertisers on aboard and their ads running as soon as you approve them.