How to Make Gifs & Memes

3 Sites to Make Gifs and Memes

When it comes to making a gif or a meme, a simple Google search brings up a wide variety of websites allowing you to quickly upload a video or a picture and add some text to easily make gifs and memes for free.

With a lot of choice it can be hard to decide which site is the best. After all, they’re essentially offering the same thing.

Having had a go at making some gifs and memes for the first time for my most recent post on this Adlet blog (, I tried and tested out a few websites to see which ones I personally felt were the easiest, quickest to use and most importantly, helped me create the best gifs and memes. These were my top 3 sites to make a gif or meme:

1. - This was my favourite site of the lot and actually the one I end up using for the majority of my gifs and memes. It was my favourite because it allowed me to upload a video to make into a gif rather than using images. As making gifs was a new concept to me, I found it rather difficult to make any good gifs using images.

For the majority of gifs I wanted to make, I simply wanted to use a clip of a film or tv series and imgflip allowed me to do that. I found it pretty straight forward to use and within about 5 minutes was on to making my next gif having worked out what to do. This site also allowed me to make memes as well as gifs and had a huge number of templates to select from. This was great as I didn’t have to use 2 different sites to create my content for the blog post.

imgflip screenshot

2. – This was the first site I stumbled upon as it was the first one that showed up on my google search. Again I found this very easy to use and like imgflip, allowed you to upload videos to make a gif. It also lets you connect to your webcam which is a pretty nifty tool if you want to create a gif from the get go without having to film something first and then upload it.

The only downside I found to this was it doesn’t let you view the whole video. It simply lets you select a starting point and how long you want your gif to be – so I found myself having to guess where my end point would be and constantly changing the length of time of my gif to get the size clip I wanted. screenshot


3. – This was probably as easy as it came – upload image, add your text, done. It had the biggest selection of templates to chose from (almost too many) and rather than having to download the meme once it had been created, you just simply right clicked and saved. If you’re looking to just make a quick and simple meme, this is the one for you. screenshot