10 things that happen in a hot office

10 Things That Happen In A Hot Office

So there’s a heatwave. It’s official.

In case you hadn’t realised, today was the hottest day of the year. But then again, you only had to glance over Facebook and Twitter to guess that. The people who would normally be sat, ranting and raving about it raining and being freezing and, “It’s June and I’ve got the heating on”, are now the ones who are ranting and raving about it being too warm.

Brits ey?! The weather can do no right with us Brits.

But let’s face it. As much as we love the warm weather, us office workers don’t. Or let me rephrase that. Office workers DO like the warm weather, just not when we’re in work. Especially when the office is stuffy, has little to none air con, and the view outside is people enjoying the sun.

So here are 10 things that happen in a hot office for you to feel sorry for us office workers on a sunny day:

1. Everyone says “it’s too hot in here” over and over and over again. The more times it’s said, the more of an emphasis on the word ‘too’. It doesn’t matter that it’s already been said 30 times, it’s still as relevant and as important as it was the first time.

2. People sigh alot. A whole lot of sighing. And then comes the ARRGHHHS. And the pulling out of shirts to unstick it from bodies.

3. Pieces of paper turn into make do fans. I myself made 2 today. One for each hand. The boys went out and bought a fan for their office, but unfortunately, I don’t have the power to just take some money out and buy a fan on the business. So I just sit here, with my two fans, fanning. (And occasionally standing by the door of the boys office catching a gust of air on every second rotation).

4. Someone buys Ice Cream. Someone always plays the ‘legend’ and buys some kind of frozen treat. The problem of course is how quickly it melts all over your computer before you get the chance to eat it.

5. Blowing up fringes. If you have a fringe, you’ll understand the whole process of jibbing out your bottom lip and blowing essentially warm air up towards your forehead.

6. Rushing to the sun on lunch. Like a fly to the light, you want to make the most of the hours sun you get, because it’ll probably end up behind a cloud by the time you get home. You may park yourself on some steps, a bench or even a beach if your lucky enough to work by one. People who always ate their lunch at the desks suddenly do care that they take their whole hour.

7. ┬áSomeone checks the weather forecast. “Oh it’s going to be raining on the weekend!” Always. Always raining on the weekend when your an office worker. Always.

8. Someone says what they’d rather be doing. Sat on a beach, sipping cocktails, eating ice cream, reading a book in the park. Basically reiterating the point that office work on a sunny day sucks. And even more so when co workers join in with their fantasies of sun filled adventures that they probably wouldn’t even do if they off work.

9. Someone mentions about how there should be a law that means you can’t work if the temperature reaches a certain level. Someone says something about how there are countries where this exists. People daydream for a few minutes about what it would be like to relocate to such countries so they don’t have to work on hot days.

10. Someone walks in dressed completely inappropriately for the weather/or the office. Denim shorts, crop tops, BIG NO NO. But fair play to the person who came in a jumper and jeans because “it was really cold this morning and it looked like it was going to rain” who is now sweating buckets. Unlucky son.