New Blogger Review Opportunity: Mink&Stone

Promotions: Mink&Stone Review Opportunity Mink&Stone was founded by Miisa and Mark Mink in London in 2014. Their inspiration for the business came from deep in the grand bazaar of Istanbul during a short vacation. At the crossroads of Asia and Europe, local jewellers combine their rows of colourful materials with the hustle and bustle of a thriving …

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10 things that happen in a hot office

10 Things That Happen In A Hot Office

So there’s a heatwave. It’s official. In case you hadn’t realised, today was the hottest day of the year. But then again, you only had to glance over Facebook and Twitter to guess that. The people who would normally be sat, ranting and raving about it raining and being freezing and, “It’s June and I’ve …

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ways to improve Facebook page

7 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Page

Guest Post Facebook is a social media marketing giant; it wouldn’t be far off the truth to say that the majority of bloggers who are present on social media channels are present on Facebook. Until recently, Facebook was a heavy hitter in a digital marketer’s toolbox. While Facebook is facing harsh criticism over a few …

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Ji Ji Kiki Review

New Blogger Review Opportunity: Ji Ji Kiki

Promotions: Ji Ji Kiki Review Opportunity Ji Ji Kiki are an online boutique selling vintage and handmade items from a handpicked selection of the best indie designers. Run by Adlet founder Emma, Ji Ji Kiki sells a mixture of jewellery, clothing, accessories and homewares. From super cute animal jewellery to vintage style dresses, they are perfect …

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twitter image size

Twitter Image Size Guide

Uploading an image to Twitter can be something of a fine art. Will the important parts be seen across all devices? Will you cut people’s heads off if you upload the wrong size image to your feed? How do you make your Twitter head look sharp and professional on both mobile and desktop. This handy …

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Nourish Skincare Review

New Blogger Review Opportunity: Nourish Kale Exfoliating Cleanser

Promotions: Nourish Skincare Review Opportunity Nourish are high on our lists of great skincare companies. Organic? ✓ Animal friendly? ✓ Pretty packaging ✓ Does what it says on the tin…well, we think so but we want to hear your thoughts! ‘At the heart of Nourish is a boundless curiosity and love of science, a playful joy in exploring the …

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adlet inspiration

Adlet’s Office Inspiration

Here’s a bit of an office-inspo post for you! If you’re moving offices like us or fancy a little office makeover, why not check out the board below we’ve created. This design is quite neutral, making your office not only the place you do work but somewhere you can find peace. What do you think? …

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Twitter Hashtags for bloggers

Popular Twitter Hashtags for Bloggers

If you’re a blogger you’ll know that social media promotion, especially on Twitter and Instagram, is key to running a successful, well engaged blog. In this post we’ll look at how using Instagram and Twitter hashtags can help increase your reach. All of these hashtags can be used on both Twitter and Instagram, so why not …

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Blog Disclosure: Guidelines and Examples

There is a lot of confusion around disclosure and blogging; when you should include a blog disclosure, where you need to display it and what you need to write. This post will hopefully help to make it clear what disclosure is and why it’s important. What is blog disclosure? If you are compensated in any …

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